Thursday, August 18

Another Step toward THE MARK of the BEAST?

Amazon One. Pay with the wave of your palm.
Amazon One. Image from Amazon

Under the pressure of finding solutions in the middle of the corona “pandemic”, Amazon introduced a new biometric device that allows shoppers to pay using only their palm. Granted it is NOT a microchip they are implanting. However, it could serve as a step toward that direction.

The world may feel this is great progress. A great company finding a true solution to keep things going in “a safe way”. For those of us who are Christians and study prophecy, this feels like a step toward the inevitable that is to come.

It is one of the many ‘new normal’ realities coming out of this so-called pandemic. Can you see how they are using the pandemic to push agendas? Do you feel your freedom slipping away? 

You can read more about Amazon One on Techcrunch


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